Spaceman offers a wide variety of musical education. If we don't currently have it, we will do our best to find an instructor or outside source for you, so you can strike while the creative iron is hot.


The guitar is a great entry point for any budding musician. Electric or acoustic, this instrument offers many rewards and is light and easy to transport. With the guitar you can delve into music theory or just learn to strum the basics. It can accompany your voice and make you the hit of any campfire.


Piano is another great “jump in” option. The piano is an excellent accompaniment instrument, and has many avenues you can navigate once learned. Piano is one of the only instruments that allows for you to play rhythm and melody with certain ease.


Rhythm is the most fundamental aspect of music. Whether you want to learn how to keep a beat, a full rock drum kit or just play tambourine, everyone can benefit from these lessons. Learn from scratch or enhance what you already know and then get ready to have your friends ask you to play with them.


Whether you’re a beginner or a practiced musician, you will learn proper vocal techniques and exercises that will take your current range to new heights. Learn harmony, melody, breathing and exercises that will keep your voice at top form and working throughout your life.


Bass is often labelled the most underrated instrument in the history of popular music. Learn how to hold down the low end and drive of a song, while enhancing it with a melodic frills. Bass = cool.


The Cello is a member of the violin family. It is played with a bow and has four strings tuned in fifths. It’s deep, beautiful sound makes it a favourite for many players.


Percussive, melodic and often used as an accompaniment instrument, the banjo has made a big comeback in the past 25 years. Making its way into all forms of music, you will hear it on everything from rock and bluegrass to jazz and hip hop.


Looking for a small, percussive and melodic friend? Look no further than the Mandolin. Extremely popular in country, bluegrass and traditional music, the mandolin is fun, easy to transport and always welcome around a campfire.


George Harrison used to say “Everyone should play a UKE”. He drove around with a trunk full of them and gave them away to people. You cannot really argue with George Harrison, so just learn how to play it already.


As recording becomes more and more a home affair, we can show you what you need and how to use it for professional home recordings.