$27.50 per 1/2 hr lesson

Spaceman School of Music Policy

Spaceman School of Music employs the finest music instructors and respectfully provides a guarantee of payment for all lessons that are booked.

In order to maintain this high standard of quality music education to our students, Spaceman School of Music has implemented a “one week cancellation” policy.

This policy enables us to provide our instructors with reasonable, steady and predictable income that does not fluctuate dramatically from week to week.

We do understand that occasionally illness, sports events, school projects, work and exams etc. will conflict with music lessons but we do not offer refunds or lesson credits.

If the teachers’ schedule permits, we can occasionally offer an alternate lesson time that same day or week, or permanently move the regular lesson time.

In the event of an instructor being absent, and a substitute teacher is not available, the canceled lesson will be added on to the end of your lesson package.

For adult music lessons, we offer some flexibility with floating lessons to accommodate a busy work schedule. Please contact us for more information.